Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seven days left and counting...

Remember that houseful of people that were coming over on Friday? We ended up with a headcount of 22 people. In our house! We have never had that many people in our house before. And it was good. We had a really nice time and I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I was introduced to the game "Mafia".

We will now start to have this group (it's the college/career group from church) over every Wednesday night from here through the summer. I am looking forward to it.

Saturday we hung out a bit with the Sischo's and got spoiled treated to a nice lunch. Then it was naptime for all and leftover pizza from Friday for dinner.

Today was church and the realization by one three-year-old that he was only one week away from becoming a four-year-old. AJ even gets into the excitement singing, "bird-day to you!" Andrew keeps telling me he wants another Diego cake. We'll see... I'll have to think of something.

We went to church this morning and it was amazing. I am so thankful for our church. We hit the early service today which we never do. And while it wasn't my idea and I would still rather go to the late service for selfish reasons (most my friends go the late service), it was nice to be home at a decent time and have time to make a decent lunch (glazed ham - a first for me - I think it went over well since it's gone) before naptime.

Today was beautiful! It got in the low 40's and we all went for a walk this afternoon. Granted the boys were in full snowpants, boots, etc... due to the snow and slush. But they had a ball and daddy had fun throwing snowballs and at them. (Poor AJ is just a little butterball once he is all bundled up and the snow/slush was still enough that he had trouble making his way down the sidewalk - but he loved every minute of it.)

This week is a little busy. I am watching Noah tomorrow all day and Riley tomorrow in the morning. We are also having dinner and haircuts in the evening at our friends. I need to finish my Bible Study and make scones tomorrow as well. Tuesday morning, we have our final Bible Study and brunch. And of course Wednesday is small group at our house.

I need to pick up the house a bit before bed. Have a great week.

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Amie said...

We got to the early service yesterday too, for the second time ever! It is nice to get done so early.

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