Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Grand Weekend! Part I

A few weekends ago, I was blessed once again, to be able to attend a Winsome Women retreat with one of my great friends, Jill, at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. (How’s that for some prepositional phrases).

My dad was wonderful and came up to help Marc watch the boys and get Andrew to and from school, so I could head up north.

After brunch, the four of us, boarded the ferry and arrive on the island to do a little shopping before making our way up to the hotel.

This is such a wonderful, relaxing retreat!  It’s at a beautiful location, with great ladies,  and a-maz-ing food (like unbelievable 5 course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)!  Oh, that you can attend session and assemblies with Godly speaker and musicians while we’re there is like icing on the cake.

It’s hard to believe we are only there for a mere 24 hours as it truly feels like a mini vacation. I confess it’s a little stressful getting there, trying to get each of our households and jobs ready for our absence, but once there it’s easy to get caught up in seemingly time warp of the Grand Hotel.

And since the retreat is over a Thursday/Friday, we get to come back to a full weekend ahead of us, which for me was the just start of my Grand weekend.

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