Monday, June 7, 2010

This Summer will Truly be a Dykstra Dash!

imageWowser – this summer is going to be nutty.  Isn’t this time of year supposed be relaxing? A time to kick back, enjoy the weather, and spend time with the family?

Oh we will be doing that – enjoying the weather and spending time as a family… via T-ball and Football.  For both boys.  Who are in separate age groups and therefore separate practice and game days/times.  Yikes!

It looks like at least 2 evenings a week we are going to be committed to some activity for most of the summer, with a few weeks of August being “off”. But, wait, there’s more! Throw a family vacation in there and a possible football camp, plus the usual childcare the I do 2-3 days a week and my daily PT job, plus the “homework” that my boys will be completing over the summer and…. I’m tired before it even really gets started.

But the boys are super excited about all the activities. And so is Marc. Okay, I am too.  At least, I am now - when I’m not in the throws of a crazy busy week wondering why, oh why, did we subjected ourselves to the madness that is our local Parks and Rec. Dept?

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