Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homework?! During the summer?! Aww, Mom.

This summer, after quiet reading time (or nap time depending on how sane I want to stay that day) and after quick snack, we’ve been having “Homework Time” each day. I know.  What a mean-mean mom I am to subject my children to homework on their summer break.  What a task-master, I am.

Anyway, we found some great books to go through this year and I’m please to say that most of the time, the boys look forward to working through them.  Andrew is working through Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades Kindergarten to First book. He is also working through the My Printing Book'>First Grade Book of Handwriting Without Tears (which, I admit, was highly suggested for him to go through this summer by his Kindergarten teacher).  We also occasionally substitute one of the above for an uncompleted page out of his math workbook that was sent home with him when school let out. 

He likes math days much better than handwriting days. Can you guess what he’s good at and what he needs to work on?

AJ is working through a Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Preschool (Comprehensive Curriculum )'>Preschool Basic Skills workbook. He loves his book so far. In fact, I’m thankful it’s a big, fat book or he’d have the whole thing done in a month.  I have to tell him each day that it’s time to put it away, or he’ll keep flipping right through the pages.

Meanwhile, I have my Sudoku book that I bring along with me whenever we go or do something where I need to keep an eye on them, but can also work away at my puzzle here and there. 

We all gotta keep up our skillz this summer.

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