Tuesday, April 4, 2006

He's Number One!... 'cause he did number one!

I am not trying to put undue pressure on my child by posting to the world his training experiences, but until he can read... I am going to gloat.

Guess who sat on his potty and actually went tonight? (no, not Marc. Well, he might have, too.)

Andrew did!!! We aren't pushing the potty training business yet, but his potty is out and we'll ask him now and then to check his interest level. So tonight before changing him into the "good" diaper for bedtime, I asked him and he sat and went and he got 5 M&M's as a reward. It was a very exciting time. Practically like a party in the Dykstra household!

Now, there is a downside. The little potty has to be cleaned out and washed down and Lysol-ed, etc... vs. just flushing a "big" potty, or rolling up a diaper and stuffing in the diaper pail.

But I am very proud of my big little man.

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