Thursday, April 20, 2006

My, How they grow.

Ok, AJ had his two week check up this morning and here are the stats:

Height - 20 3/4 inches (the pediatrician thinks they got his original height wrong at the hospital because there is no way he would have grown two inches in two weeks)

Weight - 8lbs, 6oz.

So, he got a big thumbs up and everything looks good. He also has exceptionally strong neck muscles as well. My little brut.

Andrew is doing well. He really seems to like his little brother and shows concern for him quite often by asking, "Where's baby AJ?", "What's baby AJ doing", or by bringing him his paci and insisting it go in his mouth. And this morning, when AJ was starting to cry, Andrew asked me if he was hurt. It was very sweet.

However, last night, AJ was fussing in his bouncer a bit. We were in the kitchen cleaning up dinner and Andrew was playing. I look up in time to see Andrew squat down by AJ, with hands on hips and scold in a stern voice, "I SAID NO!". Apperantly, Andrew had had enough of the fussing and had already told AJ once to knock it off without sucess. Have I mentioned that my two year old is bossy? Adorable, sweet, totally lovable and bossy.

Well, I will update more later, but I need to take off and get my eldest monster picked up from daycare.

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