Saturday, April 1, 2006


Well, this morning was a very bittersweet morning in our household. Actually it started last night (or even this whole week if you really think about it). You see, today is the day that our Rocky finds a new home.

We’ve had Rocky since he was a mere 6 weeks old and now he is a beautiful four-year-old black lab. A good dog he is…very good. And very pretty. In fact, he was like a child to Marc and myself for a couple years. That is, until a real child came along. Believe it or not, there was actually a time during my first pregnancy that we were worried that we may not love the new baby as much as the dog. I know, it sounds super crazy and you are rolling your eyes, but I was hormonal and we didn’t really know at the time what we had gotten into with the whole parenting thing yet.

Well, slowly and steady (ok, more like a smack in the face), our attention was instantly diverted by this new being that we were instantly responsible for. Unfortunately, the attention was taken from our Rocky. A Rocky that lives for attention. Good or bad, attention is his lifeblood. After two years of dwindling attention (and guilt for that) and realizing that it is not going to get any better when this new baby comes along, and after much much MUCH debate (i.e.: hot button the house for months), we decided to see if we could find a better home for our Rocky.

And I am so thankful to report that we have. We have found a single young man in Ohio who has his own home. He is a friend of my parents (so it’s not like we will never see him again), and is SO excited to get Rocky. In fact, his excitement about taking care of Rocky makes it so much easier to give him away. He will go to a good home. One where he will be walked and ran and played with on a regular basis. So I am happy for both this guy and Rocky. I pray the transition goes well, but in the long run, I am sure this will be a great move for all of us.

This morning was a little rough, as Marc loaded up all of Rocky’s gear and finally Rocky into the car. Andrew was oblivious, Marc was doing fine since he still had the car ride with him…. but I was choked up and struggling. It will be hard the first couple times Andrew asked where he is. I really am glad we are doing this and I wouldn’t change my mind if given the chance, but it was still a little sad this morning. He will be missed.

So, Stephan, take good care of my Rocky. Grab a tennis ball and you will him over in a heartbeat. May he be the great dog for you that he was for us. Love him and play with him and give him all the attention he deserves. I know he will love you for it.


Jen & Gary said...

Not that I was close to Rocky, but it was sad to see him go.. but it sounds like he is going to a good home.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Kelli. I have tears in my eyes reading this. What an unselfish and loving thing to do for Rocky.

Jack's Mom said...

I can just imagine how hard that was. And I too remember wondering if I could love the new baby as much as my dogs that I had for years and years. It seems weird NOW but then it was a real worry. Unfortunately, my dogs now are totally ignored also. Sad. It was nice of you to find a new home for Rocky.

Rocky! said...

Hi, Everyone!!!

Rocky! said...

OK - that last one was just a test! It's hard typing with paws! I wanted to make sure it would work right before I typed a bunch of stuff that didn't get out there!

AND I was just going to send Marc & Kelli an e-mail, but when I saw how much everyone cared, I thought I would send this to the group!!!

Marc & Kelli, you won't believe these people! They really need me!!!! They are WEAK! After only 3 hours of ball playing on Saturday, they were all exhausted! And there were 4 of them and only 1 of me!!!! Mindy said her arm was rubber.

O.K., for those of you who don't know - Stephen is my new man. He has this 4 bedroom house with lots of room for me! He lives with a couple of guys. Stephen's girlfriend, Bethany, loves me! She says I'm cool!!! And Stephen's mom & dad - that's Paul & Mindy - well, I thought they were going to fight over me! You see, they thought I would be great for Stephen - which I am (more on that later) - but they love me too! In fact I now have my own room at their house in the country - they have over 5 acres, some of it with woods, and Stephen says we'll be visiting there a lot. They have a big picture window in the living room that's just right for me - I can stand there and look outside and watch the birds and the cats! They didn't let me out to play much. Paul said I needed to be a little more used to my surroundings before they let me go too far.

I have an uncle - Bradley - he lets me sleep in his bed with him when I visit - and an aunt - Caitlin - she loves me too and gives me treats. Caitlin is sneaky though. I think I must have been too hard on her the first day - after playing for about 1/2 hour, she threw the ball really hard so it went in the other room and when I brought it back, she was gone! But I found her - she was hiding in her room! That was o.k. though - she played with me and she rubbed my belly. She's my friend.

Back to Stephen - I'm his new best friend. We went everywhere together on Sunday! He was going to build this cage thing on the back of his truck for me - he has one of those small Ranger things and it's crowded with him and Beth in there - but Beth decided it would be just fine for me to ride up front with them! Stephen was a little bad though - he didn't go to church on Sunday - but we had fun!

Sunday was Paul's birthday so we went over there Sunday evening. I got to see Grandma & Grandpa Huffer! They played with me in my room. I had fun. Mindy was sad that I couldn't come out, but there were a lot of people there so I understood - when she told me to go to my room, I was a very good boy. Then Stephen came to take me home - I was so excited!!!!

Well - I will keep in touch. I think we're going to Paul & Mindy's again tonight.

OH - I learned a new trick - I think - they didn't think I knew this one anyway - I say 'Please' like all good-mannered boys should! Marc & Kelli, I'll come and show you next time you visit Grandma & Grandpa if you want! And Paul is working on showing me how to flop over the direction his hand is going for optimal belly-rubbing positioning.

I love you guys and I miss you!

The Rockster

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