Thursday, April 27, 2006

I guess he showed me.

Today, a little while after putting Andrew to bed for his nap, I head back upstairs and notice that his light is on.  Getting ready to scold him for getting up, I realize that I can not open the door.  I also notice that his white noise maker is off.  So I peak in the crack of the door and see his bare feet right inside the door.  Then I hear him snoring.  Yes, my man, in an effort to be defiant, got up, turned off his noise maker, turned on his light, only to fall asleep right in the front of the closed door.  

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Kelli - I saw your comments :) I would love it if you stopped by some afternoon! Or if you want to get together with the kids that would be great! I'm sure Andrew and Autumn would keep each other busy. And yes, I am going to thoroughly enjoy my margarita tonight (possibly two of them!). Talk to you soon!

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