Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

We are down to Thursday night. Good TV night is back! And things settled down a bit today. Monday through Wednesday was nutty and I felt like I was hopping from the time I got up until I crashed at night. Today, however, was much more relaxing.

We got up and went back to the Gardens to see the butterflies with our neighbors. They have a little girl who is Andrew's age. And for some reason, when they get together, they somehow turn two fairly mild children into two wild childs. My goodness, they were ornery. (And a little out of control, if truth be told.) Plus, I didn't think about it being spring break - so the place was p.a.c.k.e.d! So that didn't help that we had to be very strict with the kiddos in order not to lose them. But we had a nice time and a nice visit. I think Andrew might have warmed up to the butterflies ever-so-slightly with his friends' insistance encouragement.

By the time we left, it was rainy, drearing, past lunch time and past nap time... in other words... borrowed time. I still had to swing by a friend's house quick, so we picked up a $5 pizza for lunch. Then the boys shocked me with amazing naps! Even Andrew. And since this week was so crazy... I did nothing productive during that time. I watched a little recorded American Idol from earlier in the week, I checked e-mail and such, I danced a little DDR. Granted, there was tons of stuff to do, since the place was never cleaned up from Bible Study last night and I still hadn't started packing for this weekend. (Or haven't yet for that matter).

Tonight, since Marc was gone helping a buddy, and it hasn't stopped raining since we left the Gardens - it was good night for a movie. The boys got to watch Racing Stripes again while I caught up around the house. We have to return the movie to the library tomorrow, but I see us borrowing it again in the near future. Andrew really loves the movie and AJ just points and screams the name of every animal he sees until you acknowlege him. Osse! Osse! Osse! Osse! Eba! Eba! Eba! Eba! (that's horse and zebra to you and me.)

Of course, since Andrew took a great nap, he was still awake long after he went to bed. The thunder didn't help. And he wasn't real impressed when I sang "A Few of My Favorite Things". One of the rare times I think... "if I had a little girl she would TOTALLY get that!". I guess I'll save it for Lucy.

Ok, it's 11pm, I need to unload/reload the dishes and I really should start packing... but I'm guessing (again, if truth be told) I'll just go to bed. I will probably be absent from blogging until late next week unless I think of something brilliant to share.

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