Sunday, April 6, 2008

A good day to turn two.

It's been a good day for little AJ. But wouldn't ya know... we just got that kid taught how to answer the question to, "How old are you?" and now we go and change the answer on him.
The day started early with church. AJ got to go to a brand new class today since he is now a two-year-old. He did great in the new class. We then hit McDonald's for our birthday lunch. Then it was time for presents which I am pretty sure Andrew was more excited about than AJ. He got some nice cards, some nice cash, and some nice gifts. Thank you to all who contributed to the gift/card pile! One of the gifts was a bubble blower. We had one in the past that the boys loved, but ours had broke.
While Marc assembled the bubble blower, I served the birthday cake. We then all headed outdoors to try out the new toy. Once the boys filled the neighborhood with bubbles, it was time for naps. The excitement of the day kept them from sleeping for quiet a while, but AJ finally settled down and took a nice nap.

Tonight we simply played... a little inside, a little outside. We ate a little more birthday cake. A good day to turn two.


Rebecca H. said...

i love the pic of him w/ all the bubbles! looks like you guys had a great bday day. i also really enjoyed reading your post about his personality right now. that will be very cool to look back on later. love ya!

Jill Corwin said...

Wow! I can't believe he is 2!!!!! Times flies when you are having fun! :D

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