Friday, April 25, 2008

Without boys underfoot.

Tuesday morning, we started up our new Beth Moore Bible Study. I am excited about it. Unfortunately, while there, AJ decided to have a blowout of infant proportions. Through the clothes, up the back, the whole works. Now, he's at an age where I hardly pack a diaper bag anymore if were are only going to be gone a few hours. I merely throw a diaper and few wipes in my purse. Fortunately, I borrowed more wipes, someone had an extra pair of sweatpants in their van, and he wore a borrowed adult sized t-shirt home. However, we had to stop at Sam's on the way. I'm sure I got funny looks like I don't know how to dress my child.

While there, I got a call from my parents. They decided on a whim to come visit for a few days. They got there Tuesday evening and, of course, the boys were ecstatic.
Wednesdays are usually pretty busy for me since we have our Bible Study at our house, so my folks took the boys to the playground in the morning. It's amazing what one can accomplish quickly without boys underfoot. What is normally a nutty day, turned into a pretty relaxing one.

That evening, we had Taco Night with our young adults. After dinner, my parents ran some errands with the boys during our Bible Study. We then were all outside playing yard games until it got too dark to see.

Thursday, we took the boys to see the Veggie Tale Pirates movie. It was alright. I don't think the boys were thrilled with it, although we did make it the entire movie, thanks to dum-dum suckers. Fortunately, the movie wasn't crowded and they could move a bit. My parents left yesterday afternoon. Because Marc wasn't feeling well, I ended up taking Andrew to his pee wee basketball class.

I am currently at the gym with the boys trying to get a few things done via their wi-fi. Hope your weekend is super.

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Amie said...

How nice to have such involved grandparents!

I'm glad you got the tote already. I hope the bigger than expected size is a good thing!

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