Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, AJ

Wow – my baby turns two today.

AJ, you are no longer a baby, I guess, but a little boy. An adorable little boy who melts my heart and gets away with mischief because of it. You are a solid little man, who has no problem throwing your weight around a bit, when it comes to getting what you want from your brother.
Yet, you have the most tender heart. You love to snuggle and constantly ask for hugs. In fact, you are a hugging machine... often hugging mere strangers, innate objects, even your food. And you are very nurturing. You l.o.v.e. babies. You can’t get enough of my friends’ recent additions, often asking to hug, hold, or rock them.
You are talking quite a bit now and we even hear two to three word sentences now and then. You are very polite… not needing asked most of the time for “pleases” and “thank yous”. You love to sing. Your favorite songs are the “Oh No” song, “Happy Birthday” and “Jump, Shake, your Booty”. Although, I do catch certain letter-combos from the “ABC song”, now and then.
Your favorite word is, “Noooo!” But it’s usually not used in defiance, more in answering a question with your strong opinion.

You are still in love with your “B” (tag blanket) and paci.

You are not a huge meat eater, although you do well with hot dogs and chicken nuggets. You loves pizza. But I think you would be perfectly happy to live off apples, bananas, yogurt and chocolate.
You can tell you’re a little brother used to copying Andrew, because lately, when you ask for something, even if no one else currently has or is doing anything, you add “too” to the end. So, if you want to brush your teeth… even though nobody else is brushing… you’ll come up to me and ask, “Brush, too?”

You love to run, jump, and climb and you’re quite good at them. You are a good sleeper, yet you still wake up during the night about twice a week for a quick snuggle. You love the CARS movie as much as Andrew. You love tubs even more.

You love being outside and no longer are content merely riding in the stroller.
You love your brother to pieces, often trying to do exactly what he is doing. Yet, you have no problem being your own kid and totally ignoring him when he is desperately trying to get your attention. You are already great at antagonizing him to frustration. However, you pay your dues when we found that Andrew throws everything (stuffed animals, socks, slipper) at you from his top bunk into your crib. Take cover, kid.

Here's a video of the boys singing and it ends with AJ singing the "Oh No" song.

Adam Jay, you are a sweet, sweet little boy. Your eyes are the most expressive I’ve seen and I am still in love with your tiny dimple under your right eye. Sometimes, I can’t get over how much joy you add to this little household and how much all three of us are completely and utterly in love with you.

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Amie said...

Happy Birthday AJ!

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