Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The week's spent before it's even here.

Wow - it's been a busy week. It's only Tuesday and it's not slowing down. Monday we tried to get all our housework and projects done like paying bills. I knew the rest of the week would be nutty, so I needed some stuff just out of the way. Plus, I am doing some transciption work and had a job due this Wednesday, so I kicked some of that out. The weather was beautiful, so the boys were helpful by spending some time in the backyard. I also rewarded them with a walk in the afternoon. We went to friends' in the evening for dinner and haircuts.

Today, we had a run a few errands in the morning, get more work done around the house, and work on our Bible Study. Marc and I then had a meeting at church, so our sitter came over to watch and feed to boys dinner. It was good meeting and the kiddos did well while we were gone. However, we got home pretty much just in time to get the boys in bed.

Poor Marc - he was gone all day Monday, met at our friends' for haircuts, then was off to a NCAA final guys night and didn't get home until the wee hours. Then this morning, he has his early Bible Study, gone all day to the other side of the state and back, and home just in time to make it to the meeting. He's tired. He hasn't seen the kids for two days and he's missing them.

Anyway, tomorrow we have more errands in the morning, then it's working to get ready for the evening's Bible Study coupled with a baby shower at our place. We are serving dinner, so there's a little more work to do. On Thursday, we are heading back to the Garden's with our neighbor and packing up our things. And of course, on Thursday THE OFFICE returns! I am SO excited!!!

On Friday, after a trip to the library and after Marc gets home from work, we are heading to Iowa for a visit and won't be home until late-late next Tuesday night. Andrew is super excited about the trip (and playing the piano) and counts down the days hourly. So... I should get to bed, because my kiddos are going to wake me up early squirrally tomorrow for another busy day.

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Stout Family said...

Hey give us a call while you are in town! Tim has a college thing Sat thru Sunday....but maybe Sunday night we could let the kiddos play and we could visit!

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