Friday, April 18, 2008

My All-Star.

Last night, Andrew had his first pee-wee basketball class with daddy. They stretched, then had stations set up for shooting, passing, dribbling, and agility. Andrew's coordination level wasn't quite as high as his energy level, but he had a good time. He told every single person about his new shoes (and every single person we've seen since). He even got to wear his 'basketball clothes' (great garage sale find last year).

I took more pictures, but between the gym lighting and trying to keep AJ from running out onto the court... they didn't turn out. During the class, I took AJ out to the playground where he had a blast and got extremely dirty. We stopped at Home Depot for playsand and Burger King for a cheeseburger before heading home.

This morning was gym day. I am going to miss gym day when they stop having it at the end of April. Yes, the weather is nice and the kids can get outside... but it's a nice chance for us mom's to get together and chat without running in 15 directions. Anyway, I met a couple of my friends there today and had a nice time while all the kids played.

We had Noah then from lunch on this afternoon. After naps, I took the little ones on a wagon ride while Andrew rode his bike to our neighbor's house. Andrew's friend, Arianna, claims that Andrew is her boyfriend. Anyway, they have a trampoline, so all the boys and her jumped until they were red and sweaty and all giggled out. We came home and had grilled chicken with the Noah's parents. It's just been a nice day! The beautiful weather helps tremendously.

I am hoping to sneak out a little in the morning. Garage sale season is starting and there are a few rummage sales (efficient!) tomorrow. Then we are having 3 couples over for dinner tomorrow night. So the rest of the day will be getting the house & food ready and possibly sneaking in a nap. It is a Saturday after all.

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