Monday, April 21, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of year...

Yesterday we walked to Cone City! Well, Andrew rode his bike. We shared a large chocolate cone and managed to make a complete mess of ourselves and had a great time!

Today we went back to the Gardens. You are going to get so tired of hearing about the gardens and seeing picture of the gardens, but the Gardens are really Grand! I love them! We met some friends there and since the weather was nice, we got to do the outside gardens (which is really the majority of the place) along with seeing the butterflies again. It seemed like the butterflies doubled since we were there last. And, it was the least busy day so far as well.

There is so much to do outside that we were there for three hours and I feel like we only scratched the surface. But the great thing is... We can go back whenever! I like it so much, the boys may even be tired of the gardens by the time the summer is over.

Tonight, I managed another successful attempt at roasting a chicken (if you've read in the past, I am very hit or miss when I try this meal). Then we all played outside for a bit, meaning I got my tail handed to me in MonkeyBall by my hubby. This evening we had a couple come over that we are going through premartial counseling with.

Oh! And I made a cake. Out of the blue, at dinner, Marc asked for a cake for dessert. But of course, not just any cake. A cake with his mom's icing. So- that's what he got. Except, because I made it so late in the evening and since we promised the boys a piece before bed (they couldn't sit there and help/watch me make it and then not have any), I had to ice it while it was still warm. That's interesting. But it still tasted fine and was nice to have around for our company tonight.

Tomorrow, I start a new Beth Moore Bible Study, Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms. It's only a six-week study, but it should be good. Wait, it's Beth Moore... it will be outstanding.
Wednesday we have our young adult study here with taco night. On Thursday, I think I am going to take the boys to see the Veggie Tale movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. They have it this week free for kids and only $2.50 for adults. So, I think we will try. We won't have much to lose. But I'm not one of those pirates, so I need to go get things pulled together for tomorrow.

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Amie said...

Just wanted to let you know you won the tote! :D

I have your address so I will get in this mail sometime this week.

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