Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Rootbeer Float Season.

I'm tired. It's past my bedtime, but yet I'm here. I did get to get out this morning to do a little garage sale-ing. I think I did pretty well. For $20 I got both boys water shoes. I got sandals and 2 shorts for Andrew, and swim shorts for AJ. I also got a pair of shorts for myself and 3 brand new in-the-package toothbrush heads for our rechargeable toothbrushes. I also got a few $.50 items as well.

I then hit the grocery store and bought a frozen pizza to bring home for lunch. I now know we've reached the point where one pizza doesn't cover it anymore. I put AJ down for a nap and worked around the household, while Marc took Andrew to Home Depot for yard trimmings. We've spent the afternoon spreading mulch and planting flowers, and getting the house ready for our little dinner party.

Eight adults and 7 kids were over for steak, hotdogs, sides and rootbeer floats. The little kids played in the backyard, the big kids (Daddies) played in the frontyard and we made it through the night with only one head wound. It was a fun night, the weather was beautiful, and we ate great food thanks to Chef Ryan and spent time with great friends, thanks to God. No complaints here and now I'm off to bed.

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