Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pregnant Tuesday

So, it's Fat Tuesday and for lunch today I had a nice custard filled donut.  (I would try to spell out their official name, but I have NO idea how to spell it).   I rationalize that yesterday for lunch I had a great big salad of romaine, apple, pear, fresh parmesan and cashews, plus a burrito with green peppers.    Maybe I should have found an apple filled donut.   That would count as a fruit serving, right?
So what's been going on lately?  Well, we did get some things done this weekend.  The "winter" village didn't get down, but the bunk beds did get put up.  Andrew does seem to like them, that is, when he remembers that he can't jump on the bottom bunk.  He has a few knots on his head to remind him already.  This morning, we hung his sheet from the top bunk to make a tent.  It was very exciting.  I got our Federal & state taxes done as well.   Woo Hoo!  Still need to complete city yet, but the bulk of the work is done already.  Oh, and I thought I lost my credit card so we canceled them, only to find mine the next day in the dryer.  We also worked around our house and got laundry done.  It's not folded or put away yet, but sitting on a pile on our couch.  I refuse to simply put it in a basket, where it will just be dug through and never taken care of.  This way it's an annoyance and must be dealt with.  We had a couple over for pizza Saturday night, and Sunday night we had small group for church.   And that pretty much was our weekend.
Oh and Sunday night, I got a scratchy throat which makes it sound like I took up smoking immediately after giving up the pacifier.   This scratchy throat has since turned into a nice sore throat and cough.   Now the sore throat and cough during the day isn't exactly fun, but it's more annoying than anything.  It's the lack of sleep I get from keeping myself up at night coughing that is the kicker.   For two nights, I've slept on the couch trying to remain in the somewhat upright position in order to sleep.  But remember, I am pregnant, so sleeping comfortably is tricky anyway.   So, needless to say, I've been tired.  I went ahead and called my midwife today to find out what I could take OTC, so hopefully I can pick up some cough medicine this evening and get some rest tonight.    You are all probably so tired of hearing me whine about either being pregnant or sick.  Doesn't it seem like I've been under the weather quite a bit lately?   Seems I catch one thing then another back to back.  This kid in me is like sucking my immune system. Probably doesn't help having another kid in daycare.  He seems fine, but must pass everything along to me.   Or me working in a hospital for that matter, may not be helping.  Germ-fest.  Must.Wash.Hands!
The Apprentice started again last night, which I am excited about.  I am not sure how I feel about the Monday time slot.   I kinda liked it on Thursdays, since there were other shows I would watch, too.  It was only a one night TV commitment, now I have to remember about Monday's as well.   This is when TiVo would be nice.
I dropped off Andrew at daycare this morning and he was the only kid scheduled for his room today.   I felt bad that his teacher had to come in just for him.  But she said that later in the day he would be paired up with another class and get double gym time.   Gym Time = Andrew heaven!  Plus, he will get all the chicken nuggets he wants for lunch.  
OK, need to go.   Have a great Fat Tuesday!

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