Monday, February 20, 2006

Lookin' Good...

I am hesitant to post this...or at least, I should knock on wood when I am finished, but I am going to give you an update on how the transition went from crib to big boy bed.

It went Grrrreeeaattt!

The first night (Saturday Night) he got up once right away and went to the gate, no crying or fussing, just because he could. We put him back in bed and he lasted another 15-20 minutes before he was at the gate again. No crying or fussing, just because. We put him back in bed and he stayed there the rest of the night. And he didn’t fall out at all either without any bedrails. (We had the floor nicely padded, just in case). However, he did decide at 6 AM, he would get up for the day. Lovely. I guess I can’t complain considering some of the things I’ve read about making this transition. He took a great nap Sunday in his bed and then went right down Sunday night as well. He slept all night, but still woke up a good hour and a half earlier than his usual time. So…so far so good. He went down just fine tonight without a peep so far.

Now excuse me while I go knock on wood.

Today was a super busy day at work. I feel like I walked 5 miles (which I am pretty sure I did since I used to wear a pedometer) while carrying 50 extra pounds. Not all of those are baby…a good portion were hospital charts. Then, I got home and spent a good portion of the evening working on taxes. They are not done, but started at least. Then I got a pay bills. And now, we are watching Season 2 of 24 while I post here. Let me just tell you….I am tired.

But we had a really nice weekend. My mom came up…spoiled Andrew thoroughly. Spoiled me too. It was nice for Andrew to have a ‘playmate’ and give me a little downtime. Other than the bed, we didn’t do too much other than hang out, visit my friends’ baby, and run a few errands. She left this morning, when we left for work/daycare.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I work downtown all day. Not super excited about it, but at least it’s not during a Monday or a Friday. Those days are craziness down there. So that being said, I am going go. I am tired and since I am watching 24 while typing this, I am not sure that this post is making much sense anyway. Have a great week.

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