Wednesday, February 1, 2006


He's discovered pockets.  Yes, yesterday he went from me to Marc pointing to our pockets.   "Mama's pocket, Andrew's pocket and Dada's pocket!"  Back and forth.  Then, we put an empty Pez dispenser in his pocket and the excitement started all over again.  In and out of mama's pocket, Andrew's pocket and dada's pocket.
Also, we bought Andrew a little toilet seat that fits on the big toilet seat.  Well, I don't think he's anywhere near ready to potty train and I'm not going to start pushing it for a while, yet.  However, we've let him carry around his new "Andrew's potty" and check it out and last night while Marc was in the bathroom, he casually asked Andrew if he wanted to sit on the big boy potty.  And he said he did.   So Marc undressed him and sat him down.  He immediately wanted down, but was calm about it and Marc got him to stay up there a bit by giving him high fives.   It only lasted about 20 seconds and of course he didn't "go", but he still got 2 animal crackers afterwards.  I still don't think he's near ready to begin working on training, but hey, if he's willing to sit, I'm willing to put him on there.
Well, the job I was interested at work has changed status from "accepting applications" to "interviewing" today.  And so far, I have not received a call.   Not sure how to feel about it, other than it is what it is.
Nothing much planned for tonight.  Hoping again to work some more around the house...I got quite a bit done this morning, but from the looks of it you can't tell.   It was more 'behind the scenes' things like laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher, etc...  The last two nights, despite my best efforts, just haven't been real productive.  Marc has been gone and I have been tired.   So maybe if we tag team it, we can make a dent on our to do lists.  Here's to being half-way through the week!

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