Sunday, February 5, 2006

Party Hardy....or not

This is what happens when we reach the stage in our lives when we all have (or will be having soon) small children.  By 9:00 tonight, only the 3rd quarter of a good Superbowl game, Marc and I are the only ones left at our Superbowl party.   Not that I am really complaining, because frankly, I am tired.  We worked our tails off today around the house and were pooped before the shin-dig ever got started.  But of our original total of 10 adults and 5 kids (9 kids including the unborn), 2 couples (& 3 kids) bailed before they even got here.  So that left 6 adults and 2 kids (6 kids including the unborn) here for the party.  

But it was really nice.  Of course we had TONS o’ food.  Marc and I will be eating leftover pizza, dessert and pop for the next week.  We all got chatty (at least us girls) and I don’t know how much of the actual game anyone watched.  I can’t even say I watched that many commercials (my real reason for watching).  

But alas, kids bedtimes came and tomorrow is an early morning for many, including myself, and well, we aren’t 20 anymore.   So here Marc and I sit, Andrew’s in bed and we are watching the game.  We still need to clean up the kitchen, and I still need to pull everything together for tomorrow morning, but it won’t be too long before I hit the sack.  

Aren’t we the partiers!

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