Friday, March 31, 2006

Got a taste of Spring and I love it!

I could not have picked a better day to take off work yesterday.  It was gorgeous here.  The sun was out and it was 65-70 degrees.  We took walks, played outside, and had the windows open.  It smelled wonderful!    I also watched a friend of mine's baby boy yesterday.   So it was interesting to see how it might be like when my little guy comes along.  However, I won't be pregnant at the same time.  You should have seen me trying to hold the baby and get off the couch simultaneously. 


Andrew did well with the baby.  For the most part, he was more interested in the baby ‘stuff’ we had out (i.e.: the swing with buttons and music) than with the baby himself.  Although he did want to “hode it”.  (hold him)


I loved loved loved being home.  I know the weather helped…but man, I could totally get used to being a stay at home mom again.  It was so nice and I even got some things done while juggling the two kids.  Couple loads of laundry, 4 batches of pizza sauce for the freezer, tacos for dinner, all the while keeping the place pretty presentable.  And of course, as I mentioned earlier, we took walks and played outside quiet a bit, too.  It made it SO HARD to come back into work today…even if it is cloudy/rainy today.


Not much planned for tonight, maybe some errands, maybe working around the house, maybe none of the above.  I am working all day covering the east campus…so I am pretty pooped.  Have a great weekend.


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