Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello, May I speak to Aje Deeksteray please?

We did it.  We officially decided on a name for this baby.  FINALLY.   It is AJ Reed Dykstra.   No names associated with the A or the J and hence no periods after the letters.  Just AJ.   Here's hoping that he's not the trouble maker his name seems to imply.   We've liked the name for a long time (it was our second choice even when naming Andrew).  But we (ok, just me) hemmed and hawed over just having just initials for a name and should the initials stand for something like Adam Jay Reed etc...   But nothing really stuck out and Marc really likes just AJ, so finally Sunday night we just decided to decide and be done with it (sounds bad, I know)...So AJ Reed it is.    It's silly, but I was feeling guilty about not having a name yet.  Like this baby wasn't a real baby until we could call it something.  So, now I am trying to refer to him as AJ and not just baby #2.    (Now watch - all this fuss and the ultrasound be wrong)    I should run and knock on some wood quick!
But I have heard a theory that I am hoping it not just a wives tale.  You see, with Andrew, he started kicking at 19 weeks and never stopped.  Literally, it was like I was popping popcorn in my belly and I could constantly watch my shirt ride a roller coaster.   He was face up, which made for a rough (to put it mildly) labor.  Face up, would mean all his limbs would be face up too, thus all the movement.  Now AJ, is not that wiggly at all.  Granted, I feel him move enough not to be concerned, but it's more like he rolls enough to find a comfy position and heads back to sleep.  An occasional kick or punch is all I really feel.  So I am thinking.....maybe that means he is face down...LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE!   That would be great!  Like I said, it's a theory, but until I'm told otherwise, I am going to believe it.   That would (or should) make the labor much better....and faster, although I am not sure faster is a good thing.
Marc is hoping I deliver early on the 9th (I like the idea, too).  So that A) there is only one day to remember for the boys birthdays and B) we'd have a few weeks to 'recover' then he could still make it to Ohio for the end of April when the good fishing begins.  I like the idea of early, so that hopefully the baby will be just a tad bit smaller than Andrew.  Although I highly doubt early or that early will happen
Other than that our weekend was nice.  Andrew had a blast with his cousin and got spoiled as usual by the rest of the family (therefore his listening skills went down the drain....we are working on that).  But overall it was nice.  We are trying to get our house back in order now.  We came home and pretty much dropped everything from the weekend.  Then last night we met the Dresslers for Chili's and ran some errands to Wal-Mart and Sams.   Marc then headed over to his buddy's and I vegged and of course watched 24.
I am currently covering for something this afternoon and therefore don't have much to do but answer phones which don't seem to be ringing much...so the afternoon is going super slow.   Augh.   Well, I should sign off and find something to do.

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Kelly Dykstra said...

AJ!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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