Friday, February 1, 2008

English to Spanish to English again?

When I work on 'school' with Andrew... often I look up the Spanish word for something using Babel Fish. It has an option of translating a whole website for you. So for kicks and giggles, tonight, I translated my blog. Of course, not being the Spanish speaking person I am, I had no idea if the translation was correct at all. So, I took the Spanish translation and translated it back to English. I am sure this is NOT the proper way to translate, but it made for some funny reading. Below is the first two paragraphs of my previous post translated in English, after being translated to Spanish.

AJ and I had I fix tonight of accounts in the supper. Orujo had a meeting
of the work through the state, so it against me was right tonight. It rejected
to eat his tallarines (it loves tallarines normally)... I hope, no, take that,
he even rejected to try them. It seated so, and he seated, and shouted and
seated and shouted, and seated. And you cannot really reason with 21 months old,
although I tried. "you cannot obtain down until taking a mordedura", "you you
can have special ours convite when you take a mordedura", etc... In the end, he
was bedtime and it had still not eaten any thing with exception of a small
mouthful after the siesta. I did not wish to send it to the bed without the
supper (I do not think that it is quite old to take hold that when he at night
wakes up hungry hours more ahead in the center that, yes, in fact he MUST have
eaten his tallarines. No, it finishes being hungry, and angered, he would hear
speak he).

Therefore, he obtained emparedado of mantequilla of peanut before bed. And,
if AJ is obtaining emparedado, then Andrew wishes emparedado well (even if great
Andrew a great supper). I removed so to our new new cutter special from the
bread - thanks to grandma. The boys do not eat the crust anyway, so this small
tool is fresh. Although, I said to Andrew that when it gives return to four he
must begin to eat the crust, because four olds of the year eat the crusts. And
yes, I know - not exactly punishiment for AJ. Way to do the payment to him for
its rebellion.


Amie said...

That is too funny! I wonder if the first translation was correct...

Rebecca H. said...

i've not laughed that hard in quite some time! that was EXCEPTIONALLY hillarious! i love that your child is an! what a good laugh!

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