Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Beloved Freezer: 2004-2008

Well, actually it is much older than that since we bought it used and previously loved. But today, it up and kicked the bucket. Now, we only paid $50 for it four years ago and well, it has earned its keep, saving its cost over and again. But today, it gasped its last freon - despite my praying over it several times today. However, a miracle is not out of the question... if Joshua can pray that the sun stop for 24 hours, I feel I can pray for a little freezer CPR.

The good news is that the freezer is currently packed full. This means, that the items will keep each other nice a cold for a while.

The bad news is that the freezer is currently packed full. So we will soon need to eat or save a lot of items. (I know your saw my recent shopping trip - I shop with my freezer in mind) and I recently made several meals for the freezer as well. A few pregnant friends just might be getting blessed here real soon.

More good news is that it is really cold out still (although warmer today than it has been for a while), so our garage should buy us some time until we figure out a game plan.

More bad news is new freezers are not cheap and I just looked in our budget envelope labeled, "money for when our freezer breaks" and well, it's empty.

So, I have been babysitting the freezer today... try to balance how long to keep things in vs. moving them, not only to save the most food, but to avoid a mess as the freezer inevitably defrosts. Tonight we have Bible Study, but it looks like we just might be spending our Valentine's Day at Cupid's Appliance and Repair.


Jill Corwin said...


MoMologette said...

You didn't accidentally turn a button or knob somewhere in there did ya? Not that I would have any experience with that.....(hangs head & shuffles feet on the floor). But seriously that is a bummer. I would be very sad if our chest freezer died!

Andrea said...

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to Kelli's freezer. Ashes to ashes and rust to rust. We know you will go to heaven and send back an angel freezer really soon.

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