Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pizza McDonald's & and movie

If you know us at all, you know that we eat a lot of homemade pizza. I make the dough in the breadmaker and could probably do it in my sleep... most days.

However, I've been in a slump. Yesterday's dinner was supposed to be pizza. I had made a packet of dry dough ingredients a while ago for the freezer, so that all I had to do was dump in the breadmaker, add water and a little oil and I was good to go. And hour and a half later, about dinnertime, I realize that apparently I missed a cup or two of flour whenever I made that packet. The dough was runny and sticky and wasn't edible. It was dinnertime and we ended up scounging for food since it was too late to thaw or really cook much of anything.

Today, since I had already thawed the pizza toppings last night, our plan was to have pizza and movie night. We currently have our friend's projector, so were going to have pizza while watching CARS on the big screen. However, this afternoon, I apparently forgot to put yeast in the dough this time. And again, didn't realize it until it was time to make the pizza... too late to start over, to late to thaw something else. The pizza was going to be a late dinner as it was, let alone make something else. How in the world did I do this twice in row?

Off to McDonald's goes Marc. Not exactly a first (or second or fifth) choice for my dinner, but hey, dinner was already way late. And kids didn't seem to mind one bit. McDonald's and CARS... perfect!

Now, since the dough wasn't cooked, I did go ahead and added the yeast and turned the breadmaker back on. I think it turned out ok (I think, going on looks) - granted it's too late to eat pizza tonight, but tomorrow after church, all we will have to do is top, bake and enjoy (hopefully).

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Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo you are much too young for brain blurps like that! Hope it turns out ok and is well worth the wait.

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