Monday, February 25, 2008


The creation Andew made when I left him alone with his breakfast one morning.

Snow Day.

Bright Eyes.

Lately AJ has been very interested in Andrew's big boy undies and going potty (maybe this will translate into early potty training... we'll see). But the other day as I was folding clothes, he grabbed one of Andrew's Diego undies and wanted them on. He went around like this most of the day and even fussed when I made him take them off. (it made his already large behind, due to the cloth diaper, seem all that much bigger).

Our new (yes, new - no cheap used ones presented themselves in time) freezer. It's so nice! It's the same size, but has a pull out bottom drawer, two extra door shelves and a light! I LOVE the light! It's already nice and stocked.

1 comment:

Rebecca H. said...

funny, i think i have a picture of meagan wearing isaac's undies that are exactly like those...also on the outside of her clothes! lol!

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