Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grease is the Word.

I get to see our local civic theater's production of Grease tonight with my friend, Becky! Her hubby got her two tickets for her birthday ealier this month and she invited me. I am very excited about it. The thing is, is that Marc is out of town tonight for work... plus we have the "Taco" (a stinky, crummy mini van loaner car) while ours get worked on. So I have to try to get myself, the house and the boys ready, get them, dinner, and pick up the sitter with the boys in the Taco tonight before I can head out. I will have earned a night out after that. I am pretty sure tonight will be a McDonald's night for the kiddos. Now, excuse me while I pull up my bobby socks and get ready.

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Sarah and Mike said...

Hey Kelli,
It has been fun looking @ your blog and catching up with your life and your 2 little guys:) We blog too if you want to check ours out:

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