Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We are getting dumped on! D.U.M.P.E.D O.N. Seriously, I snow plowed our sidewalks and drive three times between 3pm and 5pm and Marc had to again about 15 minutes ago. It's crazy. Everything is canceled tonight including our Bible Study. Poor Marc was on the road all day today and didn't get home until 7pm due to the roads. I am hoping to get out a little tomorrow... we desperately need some groceries and to return items to the library. Heaven forbid we pay the nickel overdue charge.

Even though we were stuck inside today, we still had some fun. One of my friends had an OB appt, so she dropped off her little guy to play with my boys this morning. Then another friend stopped in with her two kiddos after her OB appt. (I have another pregnant friend due the same time as these two - something was going on last June.) So the boys got some fun play time and I got some grown-up talk. Makes being couped up much better.

Marc and I are also in our annual '24'-athon. Every year about this time when the weather is crummy, we rent and watch a new season. However, because the shows are so intense and full of cliff hangers, we are exhausted by the time we are done. We end up staying up way past our bedtimes watching just one more episode and then we are dragging the next day. And because it's literally almost 24 hours of TV... we only do it once a year. (It just dawned on me that I've written about this in the past.) We are only on season four.

We are expecting another 6 inches tonight. Yikes.

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