Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flyers and Coupons and Rebates... Oh My!!

After posting my grocery post a few days ago... I think I start regretting it and almost removed it altogether. This is my blog and my space to write what I want... but I kept thinking, "Is everyone going to know how lame I am? I am neurotic about my grocery shopping and do I really want to share that with the whole world?" (Yes, I had no problem sharing my birth story, but my grocery tab, c'mon).

Anyway, my friends came through for me and not only encouraged my efforts, but shared in my zealousness. So, check out Rebecca's and Andrea's posts and if you feel like jumping on the $200 grocery wagon... let me know!


Amie said...

I loved the grocery post! I was comparing all the same stuff I just bought. All the things that were on sale ;)

Anonymous said...

kelli, it is your blog, and you can post what you want. if people don't like it, they can read something else. So, post on about your groceries.. and other household go girl.

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