Friday, January 27, 2006

Not only is it Friday...but it's Sunny, too!!

Wel, our laptop is back at Best Buy for the THIRD time!  Yes...THREE TIMES!  So we are back once again on a loaner laptop.  I can't tell you how frustrated this has all been with us...especailly Marc.  And let me tell you, they've mess up much much more than just a faulty laptop and much much more than I've written about here.   In fact, we have about $100 in gift cards from them from different things that they screwed up in the process of us trying to get this thing fixed.   Now, granted the gift cards are nice, but the headaches that came with them have been awful!  I actually think we are close to hitting their "lemon law".
Anyway, Andrew has been sleeping through the night much better lately.  It's still not uncommon for him to wake up a time or two... but he hasn't pulled the up-all-night bit for a couple nights now.   
This week hasn't been anything too exciting.  Just the usual and hence not much to post about.  A little cleaning here, a little grocery shopping there.  We did finish Season One of "24" last night.  "Wow" - is all I can say.    Although after this last marathon, Marc and I have decided that for Season Two we were going to set some ground rules such as only one episode a night instead of the three or four we were cramming in once Andrew went to bed.  Hopefully, then we will still be able to get things done AND we won't walk around in a stupor the next day from exhaustion.  Of course we say that...but when each episode ends in a cliff hanger and it's just a matter of pushing a button to start the next episode to see how it works out....well, the temptation is trully great.  But it's done now and I wouldn't even mind taking a little breather before we jump into the next one.
Last night and this morning, we've been packing up to head to Ohio this weekend.  This is dubbed as the last official travel before baby comes.   Not that I am not 'allowed', but for comfort reasons and sanity reasons (along with labor reasons the closer we get to April), we are pretty much home for the next few months.  Hopefully I will be able to chop away at my 'before baby projects" during that time. 

Well, I can almost guarantee I won't be writing this weekend, so have a great one!


DB9Someday said...

whats this crapola about you and your husband about NOT liking the movie 'wedding crashers'...are you sure you were actually watching that movie and not like, Veggie Tales-Jonah! Knowing marc's sense of humor, i am shocked(and appalled) that he did not like wedding crashers. something is wrong in MI.

So, since i dont have my own blog, let me tell you what i did this weekend. we bought a new desk for my home office. uh, yeah, and i got to put it together...6 hours letter, we have a corner desk. my next desk will cost thousands of dollars and will be delivered by people and wont require a manual to put together.

also, we bought a new printer/scanner/fax/copier...etc.

i almost thought about going to Chili's since you both do for Fajita night, but decided against it.


Sarah Moyer said...

Despite the comment from DV9, I agree with you when it came to wedding crashers. 1. the audio/video on the one we watched was off for half the movie. Poor production, no doubt. Probalby spent too much on big names to get good production folks. 2. the story line was sooooo off. Come on. I though it was about the art of wedding crashing, not how much wedding crashing isn't the way to go. I think they should have moved the time line back to when Vince was introduced to wedding crashing. Just my two cents. (I know this is the wrong post but I also liked the bath video! Cute cute.)

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