Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Happy New Year

Ok, it's been a while. Last I posted was Friday when I actually had a moment at work to catch my breath. However, that soon ended because that day ended up being the busiest day since I've worked here. It was pure craziness!! I was practically running through the hospital halls and at one point had the rest of the team helping me. I just collapsed once I got on that shuttle bus back to my car.

We then packed up and headed to Ohio, where we had a nice, somewhat busy, weekend with my family. We also got spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Saturday morning, we got up and had our Christmas. However, since Andrew needed to help unwrap every gift and then we had to actually open every gift and play with every gift, this process took quiet a while. In fact, we broke for lunch and naptime and came back to it. That evening, we went to a New Years Eve party for a few hours, but came home to put Andrew to bed around 9-ish. Then we put in Batman Begins and I fell asleep. I did get woke up at the stroke of midnight and wished a Happy New Year, which I was able to mumble back before I drifted off again. Andrew slept terrible the first two nights. So he was in bed with me and Marc was on the couch. At one point the second night, Marc just put Shrek in the laptop at like 2 in the morning just to get him to stop crying. Not parenting advice I'd recommend on a regular basis, but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. The third night, after wearing the poor kid down, he took a late nap and then still slept all night in his own bed until 10 AM! And then we still had to wake him up. Man, he was tired!

That's because Sunday was a busy one!! We played hooky from church in the morning, because we knew it was going to be a long one and wanted to make sure kiddo got his nap in so that he wasn't totally unbearable. Then we went to family Christmas get together for lunch in the afternoon. Andrew got this toy you sit on and make it go with your feet which he loves. But it has a button that sings, "Do you know the muffin man?". Oh my goodness, we are all SO TIRED of that song. We left there, and praise the Lord Andrew fell asleep in the car because we had to go back to my folks, unpack the SUV, repack it and head to another Christmas get together. Andrew slept the whole time...even well after we arrived there (which would be hard to do since this family has 5 rowdy boys/men plus some wives, kids, friends, etc...) It was fun but a crazy loud place. Well, we left there but not before receiving MATCHING sock monkey PJ pants. Yes, that is right folks. My mom, my dad, Marc, myself and Andrew all have matching light blue sock monkey PJ pants. It's funny.

Monday, we took it a little easier and just hung out most of the day with trip out to do a little bunk bed shopping (which we found one) and get lunch at the Kewpee. Of course we had to stay for the big OSU game that evening, so we didn't hit the road until 8-ish. Dad brought home pizza from work for dinner and shockingly Andrew would not eat any of it. Very bizarre, but I was very thankful because on the trip home.....he decided to pull a "Christmas Eve" on us and puked everywhere. So once again. We were pulled into a lot, using all our wipes to clean him up enough to get him out of the car seat, digging through the PACKED car finding spare clothes, blah, blah, blah, etc... yea, it was bad. Marc and I took turns taking swipes with the wipes then dry heaving. The aroma all the way home was lovely. So the car seat is in the garage after getting 'febreezed' again since I can't figure out how to remove the cover to wash it and we are using the old car seat for the time being.

Yesterday, was and OB appt, work, some laundry, bills and a few other odds and ends, but not much else. That's for tonight. This morning, we got our tags renewed, played at the mall, did a little grocery shopping all before work. Tonight, hopefully we will get some unpacking done (not that I know where I will put all of it.).

By the way, Marc is currently on his way to Best Buy again because as it turns out, our laptop is not fixed. We got it back the day before we left for OH and well, it's still not working properly. However, Marc was told that this time they would put a RUSH on it. Which means, "It will get done in half the time and they will do a better job". Yes, that is the quote. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT BETTER JOB TO BEGIN WITH!!?? Needless to say, Marc is royally fed up with them. (I don't even think I posted about the whole fiasco with previous loaner laptop...but just's wasn't pretty).

Ok, enough of my novel. If you've made it this far - have a great day!

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The Risners said...

Sorry about the toy.. didn't realize how annoying it is... don't hold that against us.. love the Risner's

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