Saturday, January 21, 2006

"We will have no naked pizza eating in this house."

“We have to put our clothes on before eating hot pizza.”

Yes, Andrew learned today how to remove his clothing. And we couldn’t keep them on him. I had to chase him down before dinner to get him dressed just in case some of his pizza wasn’t cool enough. Last thing I need is a burnt little boy from pizza sauce. But little man preferred his ‘nakedness’ to his jammies (that he was still in).

Today was a productive day. We got up around 9:30 (after staying up late to watch the first 4 episodes of the first season of ‘24’ that we rented from Blockbuster). I made some homemade bread and some banana bread while Andrew had breakfast and watched a little “Elmo’s World”. After cleaning up the kitchen, and pulling together and eating lunch it was time for Andrew’s nap, so Marc and I snuck two more ‘24’ episodes in before I headed to the grocery store. We finished cleaning, I made some egg brunch for tomorrow and pizza for dinner while Marc cleaned and vacuumed.

Currently we are watching the “Wedding Crashers”. It is so exciting that I am blogging during it. Yea, it stinks. Marc and I are thinking about just stopping it, but we keep saying – 10 more minutes.

Well, it’s time to put Andrew to bed…so then we’ll probably turn off this lousy movie and put in ‘24’. Yes, it is an addicting intense show and we are hooked!


Jen & Gary said...

You didn't like wedding crashers? Gary and I loved it! However, we didn't think it was funny as we thought it was going to be.

Jill Corwin said...

pizza again!

Kelly Dykstra said...

Yeah, Kelli, it's the Other...
Eric and I "found" 24 about 2 years ago when we did the same thing you're doing now. Then just about a month ago, we watched the whole Season 4. Now we're actually watching it in "real time" for the first time. So far we've caught them all. Monday's a good night for us. :-)
BTW, the girls at the video store won't let us rent "Wedding Crashers". They said a pastor isn't allowed to watch it. Haha... Tells you how much we're in there. They all know us by name.

Anonymous said...

you guys eat a lot of pizza.

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