Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The Adventures of Static Boy

I sent my son to school today with wild man hair.  It looked like he stuck his finger in a light socket.  And why would I do such a thing?  Because about 15 minutes before we left for daycare this morning, he got a big plastic bowl out of my cupboard, put it on his head and declared it was a fire hat.  He then told me he was going to the fire house and ride the fire truck.  (We pass the firehouse and fire trucks everyday).  Even as we were walking out the door, he wanted to keep his fire hat on and wore it all the way to school.  I am sure fellow commuters enjoyed the scene.  I finally talked him into taking it off before we got out of the car with the promise that he could wear it again after school.  So I sent my fireman to school today with hair you could teach a science class with.

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