Sunday, March 5, 2006

This is what Sundays should be...

It’s Sunday night and it’s been a lazy day. We had church this morning, which was AWESOME. The praise and worship was unbelievable. After than we pretty much haven’t done much. Lunch, naps, read the paper, play, etc… Right now, Marc is working on some training tests for work (pray for him…those are very frustrating to him and there are a LOT of them), Andrew is in his highchair eating dinner and watching is choo choo moo-bee, and I am posting.

Let me tell you, this kid is eating like he’s never eaten before and may never get a chance to eat again. We had company over last night for pizza and he didn’t eat much. Then we had the leftovers for lunch today and he didn’t eat much then either. For dinner tonight, it was pretty much a ‘whatever you can find” dinner, so I asked him what he wanted. He started with applesauce and ate two big bowls of it. Then he wanted yogurt so he had a big bowl of that. He wanted more yogurt, but I decided that cheesy eggs would be a better option. He ate TWO cheesy eggs. Then some animal crackers for dessert. I sure hope his belly is full now.

Speaking of the kid. Last Thursday, he fell and hit his face on the coffee table. He cried good for about 30 seconds and was off and ready to play again. You could tell he was going to have a little bump over his eye, but it we really didn’t think twice about it. Well, come Saturday, the entire area above the eye and below the eyebrow is black and blue. It totally looks like we put eye shadow on him it’s so dark. I was really hoping it would be gone before daycare tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be.

So, yesterday was a somewhat busy day. We ran some errands, and worked around the house. But don’t worry, I still found time for a nap. We did have a couple we hardly knew over for dinner. It was almost like a first date between them and us. But it went well and it was nice to get to know them. Then later in the evening, Marc had a buddy come over for the NC/Duke game.

Now, of course because today has been lazy, our nice clean home is anything but. When finished here, I need to clean up the main floor, do a load of laundry (or two), and plan this week’s meal/grocery list. This week is looking like a busy one. Monday will probably be birthday shopping/grocery shopping night since the rest of the week is busy. Tuesday evening, I have a shared a baby shower for my friend and myself. Wednesday morning I have my OB appt. Then that evening, I have to make food for a potluck and get stuff ready for Andrew’s birthday at daycare. Of course, Thursday is his birthday, so we might hit the play area in the mall in the AM, then work/daycare, then Chuck E Cheese in the evening. Then it’s Friday already and depending on what this weekend holds (still in the works), I might be packing myself and possibly Andrew up for an overnighter. More details to come on that one.

So, little man will go down (hopefully for the night – he had a good night last night) here in a few minutes and I will get crackin’ on some of these things. Have a great week.

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