Thursday, March 9, 2006

What? He's TWO?! Is that POSSIBLE??

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

Here are some pictures from this morning, right after a waffle breakfast. Keep in mind, he face isn't washed and hair isn't combed and he still has a nice 'shiner' over his right eye, but my birthday boy is still a cutie!

He is wearing his new outfit from Grandma D. He also put on his new Thomas undies today too.... on his head. Wish I'd my camera ready for that shot. I am sure I will post more later on how his big day goes.


Jen & Gary said...

Kelli - I can't believe that he is 2 already! He is so cute.. even with is little eyeshadow..=) You have a such a cute little family.

Lisa said...

Kelli - He is the spitting of you! 2 years old already...time flies when you're a mom!

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